Welcome to The Chicago Dugout

Welcome to the Chicago Dugout, a new digital media platform covering Chicago’s baseball landscape. We’re happy to have you along for the ride!

Here at the Chicago Dugout, it’s all baseball, all the time. We’ll cover national stories, but our bread and butter will be Chicago’s baseball landscape. The Southside, the Northside and everything in between. 

College baseball stories? Check.

High school baseball stories? Check.

If it has to do with baseball, and has some local ties, chances are you will be able to find it here. 

See, our stable of talented content creators all share one common interest, regardless of local pro baseball rooting interest: we love baseball beyond words. 

We will be passionately covering the Chicago baseball landscape through thoughtful storytelling, podcasts and video content. You’ll find analysis and opinion from some immensely talented content creators here.

We’ll chase down players, coaches, and other pertinent voices for insight into the topics that you crave, we’ll provide you with a happy mixture of analytics and conventional wisdom, and we will always do our best to package it all into a compelling story that you’ll enjoy.

We’re hopeful that your shared love of baseball will keep you following along. 

You can find us at thechicagodugout.com, and @ChicagoDugout across all social media platforms, so do us a favor and give us a follow!

Play Ball!


The Chicago Dugout Staff

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