The Chicago Dugout Morning Show

While we attempt to navigate through this time of unknown and uncertainty, we’re continuing to try to find a way to produce quality content, and connect with readers and listeners.

At this point, with no baseball being played, it’s tough to produce full-length podcasts and other digital media content, so we’re debuting something new beginning next week.

On Monday (April 27, 2020), we’ll release the first episode of ‘The Chicago Dugout Morning Show’, a 10-20 minute show that will be available every weekday morning.

The show will feature Patrick Flowers and Austin Bloomberg most mornings, but will feature other members of the team on days when scheduling conflicts arise.

We will discuss the latest from the baseball world, in a timeframe that will allow you to consume the show during your morning coffee or commute. We’ll save the deeper analysis for our full-length shows, The Chicago Dugout Podcast, The Northside Show, and The Southside Show.

Aside from out social media accounts — @ChicagoDugout on Facebook/Twitter — you’ll be able to find the show on the homepage of the website, or wherever you consume podcasts.

We hope that you and your families are doing as well as can be, and staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we hope that we can all regain some form of normalcy, sooner than later.

Talk soon!

The Chicago Dugout Staff


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