The Dugout: Welcoming the Milwaukee Brewers to the Family

We’re not that old here at The Chicago Dugout, but the minds behind the scenes have done this a time or two, and know that growth is a must in this landscape. That’s why were making a few changes today that will allow for some immediate growth, but more importantly create room for continuous growth over time.

First, you’ll notice the slight name change. We dropped ‘Chicago’ from the main moniker, making us simply, ‘The Dugout’ moving forward. This will allow us to expand with ease whenever we see the opportunity.

Don’t worry, there’s not going to be any drop-off in Chicago baseball focus. In fact, there will be an increase as we hopefully near a start to the 2020 season. The slight name adjustment is just allowing us to add more markets to the mix, like today, when we welcome the Milwaukee market to the family.

Moving forward, we will be covering the Brewers and the Milwaukee baseball landscape as a whole, in addition to the wide-array of offerings already found on the site.

Here’s what’s different (don’t worry, it’s not much):

  • The homepage will still feature the latest stories and podcasts. The header menu will now feature a ‘Chicago’ tab (with the ‘Northside’, ‘Southside’ designations as a dropdown menu within the tab), and a new ‘Milwaukee’ tab that will house the new Brewers content.
  • We’ll be adding new social media pages for the locals. You can find the Chicago account at @TheDugoutCHI, and the Milwaukee account at @TheDugoutMKE.

We’re looking for talented content creators to join the team!

For the time being, Patrick Flowers will guide the Milwaukee content, while Austin Bloomberg oversees the Chicago side of things, but we’re looking to add to the team, particularly on the Milwaukee side of things (but not exclusively – don’t hesitate to reach out to us with interest in creating content in any of the areas we offer).

We’re a new start-up, and we’re not going to pretend to “pay” you by offering you pennies on the dollar for massive amounts of page-views. What we will do is invite you to come and have a place to put your thoughts to the proverbial paper, speak your mind on podcasts/video content, learn, and grow your personal brand and reach. Folks that stick around will be compensated when revenue streams call for that capability.

Inquiries should be directed to the editorial team via email at

Thanks for being a part of the journey, and as always, play ball!

– The Dugout Staff

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