White Sox: MiLB Roster Cuts, Labor Dispute Update

The Chicago White Sox are one of the clubs in baseball committed to paying their employees through the month of June, but made 25 cuts to MiLB players earlier this week.

Here’s the latest on the labor unrest as it pertains to the White Sox, and the growing concern that baseball might not be a reality in 2020 afterall.

MiLB Roster Cuts

On Tuesday, The Athletic’s James Fegan, reported that the White Sox have let go of 25 players (see the entire list below). The White Sox will pay all of their minor leaguers, including those they just released, through the end of June, Fegan adds.

The White Sox are just one of many clubs parting ways with lower-level minor-league players. As ESPN’s Jeff Passan pointed out on Thursday, hundreds of players across the league have been released, and the number of players released in the end could reach upwards of 1,000 players.

Among the notables released by the White Sox was Josue Guerrero, the nephew of Hall of Fame outfielder Vladimir Guerrero. The Sox signed Guerrero, and outfielder, to a $1.1 million dollar bonus out of the Dominican Republic in 2016.

White Sox to Pay Employees

According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic last week, the White Sox are one of the Major League Baseball organizations that have committed to paying their employees for the time being. Rosenthal reported that the White Sox will pay all employees full salaries and benefits through at least June 30.

The Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers, St. Louis Cardinals, Baltimore Orioles, Colorado Rockies, and Philadelphia Phillies have all pledged to do the same according to various reports.

On the flipside, teams like the Chicago Cubs have discussed pay-cuts, while the Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Marlins, Los Angeles Angels, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Cincinnati Reds have either begun or will begin furloughing employees.

Labor Dispute Update

Earlier this week Major League Baseball owners proposed a financial plan to the player’s union as part of their plans to resume the 2020 MLB season. Word from baseball insiders such as ESPN’s Jeff Passan, is that the proposal called for steep pay cuts, and the plan was scoffed at by the player’s union.

Late Wednesday evening, Washington Nationals’ veteran Max Scherzer had this to say on Twitter about the negotiations:

The MLBPA is expected to submit a financial proposal of their own to MLB owners by the end of the week.


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