An Almighty Thud: As Negotiations fail, an uneasy Season Awaits.

I lost my crown / When it hit the ground/ With an almighty thud / I went to pick it up / And reveal my weaknesses to the crowd.

– “An Almighty Thud” We Were Promised Jetpacks

Well, that’s it.

On Monday, the last ditch-effort to successfully start the season without a mandate from the commissioner went about as well as we all assumed it would. Struck down easily by a Players Association that is quickly learning to lean into their new role.

Once the dust had settled, we were staring at a forced season a scant 16 months before negotiations start anew for the next collective bargaining agreement. The full details are forthcoming, but according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, we are looking at a 60 game schedule starting July 24 with players hopefully reporting to ‘Spring Training 2.0: Electric Boogaloo,’ by July 1 with healthy and safety protocols signed off on as well. 

How are the players taking the news? The MLBPA put out their boilerplate “Getting Back to Work” statement . It’s up to us to read around twitter to get the temperature of specific players. No one is more forthcoming about their opinions than Cincinnati Reds pitcher — and the reason we can’t have nice thing at Sox ParkTrevor Bauer.

Reading his tweets in the immediate aftermath, we watched Mr. Bauer slowly transform into GOB Bluth.

I appreciate his candor on this whole situation. He’s not just a spineless company man, so I hope he’s just as vocal — and real — in 2021.

So, while 60 games is certainly better than nothing, I will be tempering my excitement that any games get played with cases of COVID-19 spiking up all over the country and in seemingly every sport.

As we get closer to July 24th, if it all still seems feasible, we should all be excited. But I implore you to be on standby with your fingers on the Shift and 8 keys, you might need to use the asterisk liberally. For now, however, baseball is back*.

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