Cubs Camp – Day 5: Sore Back Sidelines Rizzo, Contreras Goes Deep

Delayed COVID-19 tests weren’t going to stop the Cubs from Tuesday night’s intrasquad game, but a sore back did keep first-baseman Anthony Rizzo out of the three-inning contest at Wrigley Field.

Catcher Willson Contreras did however play in the intrasquad game, and to the cheers of the artificial crowd noise, Contreras took Craig Kimbrel deep for a two-run home run.

Contreras’ two-run shot scored Kris Bryant, who singled on a line-drive up the middle to open the frame against Kimbrel.

According to Gordon Wittenmyer, the Cubs defeated the Cubs 2-0 in Tuesday’s three-inning scrimmage.

COVID-19 Intake Testing Results

The scrimmage was delayed due to a delay in COVID-19 testing this morning, which eventually came back with all players and personnel in camp testing negative according to Jed Hoyer.

The Cubs are the only team in the Nationals League without a positive test result to date, and Jed Hoyer is happy about the work they’ve done to ensure everyone is — and stays — healthy at camp.

“Do I think we’ve done everything we can to safeguard things and put restrictions in?” Hoyer said. “Of course. I don’t think we’re doing a lot of things other teams are doing as well. I think every team is working hard to do this. And there has to be a certain amount of luck in that, let’s be honest.”

Hoyer wasn’t oblivious to the notion that keeping everyone healthy for the duration of the season will still be quite the challenge.

“Do I want to get a negative sheet back every time with 80-something negatives? Of course. I don’t know if we can do that for the whole year, I don’t know if that’s realistic.

But I think that has to be the goal for us. It has to be the goal for every team: do everything you can to avoid an outbreak. Be as mindful of every situation as you can. Hopefully, we can continue that. But I don’t think we’re doing anything different than other teams. Everyone’s working hard at this.”

Sore Back Sidelines Rizzo on Tuesday

Shifting to non-COVID-19 health issues, and as mentioned earlier, Anthony Rizzo missed Tuesday’s workout and scrimmage game with a sore lower back.

Rizzo has battled back tightness issues that have held him out of small stretches of games throughout much of his career, but after shedding 25 pounds before camp, Rizzo felt like he might have been in the best shape of his career at 30-years-old.

Alas, the back flared up in some capacity on Tuesday, and will be re-evaluated by team doctors on Wednesday morning.

For more from Cubs skipper David Ross, you can watch his media availability session from Tuesday, below.

Chicago Cubs Manager David Ross, July 7, 2020. Video courtesy of the Chicago Cubs.

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