Brewers Notebook: Anderson to Follow Woodruff, Hiura Injury Update

Milwaukee Brewers starter Brett Anderson will start game two of the Brewers’ season-opening series against the Chicago Cubs this weekend despite some concern about a blister issue that Anderson is dealing with right now.

“Brett Anderson is going to start game two,” Craig Counsell said to the media this weekend. “We do have to get past his issue with the blister on his finger, but right now he’s our guy for game two. We gotta get through the blister, just give it a couple of days and see where we’re at with it, otherwise, we’ll have to switch some things around.”

Counsell named Brandon Woodruff his Opening Day starter and said that as far as he’s concerned it was never a question as to who was taking the ball for the Brewers on Opening Day.

“Brandon Woodruff has been the Opening Day starter since last October.”

Keston Hiura Injury

“I don’t have any [info] from today,” Counsell said. “He came in yesterday and he was better. We’re not overly concerned with it, and we’re probably being a bit on the overcautious side of this right now. It’s caution right now, that’s the best way I can describe it.”

Hiura has been dealing with some right arm “fatigue” that caused Counsell to scratch him from the Brewers’ intrasquad game last Wednesday and has been absent from game action since then.

David Stearns had this to say about the injury last Thursday, “At this point, we’re not particularly concerned about it,” Stearns said Thursday during his weekly Zoom session with reporters. “Obviously, his volume (of work) here has ramped up pretty quickly. “We’ll probably give him a couple days off and then take it from there. But, at this point, we don’t see this as something that is potentially lingering.”

Counsell is hopeful that he’ll be back in the lineup today.

Counsell on Oddities of the 60-Game Schedule

Craig Counsell sees more day-to-day challenges with his lineups and pitching staff due to the expanded rosters and abbreviated schedule.

“I don’t know if it’s necessarily an in-game question,” Counsell said. “I think it is a question on a daily basis of you know, there is going to be a tendency of hot hands and slumps, I think we’re all going to pay a little more attention to that.”

“I think if you can keep your players healthy and give yourself choices, I think you can make good choices and put guys in some places where they’re going to have success. The best way to still give yourself choices and make good decisions is keeping your guys healthy, and we feel that if we can do that then we’ll always have the ability to change if we have to.

I think that will happen at some point. We’re gonna have to make some quick decisions this year.”

Along with making more day-to-day decisions with regards to his personnel, Counsel thinks that teams will have the chance to get deeper into an opposing pitching staff early in the season, and thinks that most teams will take advantage of the deeper pitching staffs to create a higher scoring environment early on in.

As far as what a potential World Series would mean during this unprecedented season, Counsell doesn’t see any less value in winning it all this year as opposed to any other year.

“It’s going to be different, I don’t think there’s any question about that,” Counsell said. “The World Series winner is likely to do it in front of no fans. It’s going to be different.

“I think as you go through 14 days of camp, it’s still going to be a great accomplishment [winning the world series]. The winner is still going to go through something very special and have a great journey. All 30 teams are having similar experiences, and going through the same struggles throughout the season.”

Feature Photo: Gregory Bull / AP

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