White Sox Reddit Rundown – Season Opener Edition

Reddit is full of weird, wonderful, and downright bizarre communities, with everything from apocalypse cults to groups dedicated to photoshopping arms onto pictures of birds. It is also a great place to get unique perspectives about sports and connect with superfans of specific teams. Today we take a look at what the best of what r/whitesox has to offer.

As we gear up for the season opener, I’ve collected some of the best posts of the preseason with a focus on humor, hope, and hype.

José Abreu, 2014 rookie of the year, and defacto Cuban Captain is caught setting the tone for the upcoming season during an inter-squad game earlier this month. While much has been made about how fun the 2020 season will be on the Southside, Pito is all business when he eats his Laffy-Taffy. I’m with him, those jokes are pretty lame anyway.

While the White Sox are first in our hearts, too many nationally (and even here in Chicago) we’re still the city’s second team.  This naturally causes a chip the size of the Sears tower to form on the shoulders of many south siders.  By now, being slept on is part of the identity of a true Sox fan. 

This now includes multiple news outlets stealing a run from us when reporting the box score in the exhibition game against the Cubs on 7/19. Whenever there are discrepancies, we’re going to notice it – especially when money is on the line.  Shout out to the original poster who had the guts to bet on MLB exhibition games with their 4 out innings and other rule quirks. Also, gotta love the guy who commented “Turn the tables and break your bookie’s leg for once”.

Notwithstanding the prior post, it looks like the bettors and oddsmakers are starting to take notice of our squad. Since March, White Sox World Series odds have moved from +3300 to +1933, meaning that this particular sportsbook currently thinks were the 9th most likely team to win it all.

It seems like there are few factors at play, with certain outlets believing the shortened season benefits the Sox more than any other MLB team. While I’m not advocating mortgaging your house and putting it all on the Pale Hose, Fanduels pays out $3300 on a $100 bet for those who also like to party and think that anything can happen during a shortened season.

From Albert Belle to AJ Pierzynski, the White Sox never shy away from players with, shall we say, “personality”. Tim Anderson continues to carry the torch due to his divisive bat flips and disregard for baseball’s unwritten rules. A few days before he left analysts speechless as he called out ESPN for finally paying attention to the team this season, he had a little fun with catcher Zach Collins after getting hit by a pitch in an inter-squad exhibition. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for the players on this team has shown some emotion and hope this type of playful behavior continues well into the season.

With the start of the season only hours away, I can’t wait to see this young team find themselves and cement their place as one of the most watchable teams in the league.

Feature Photo: Brett Davis USA Today

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