White Sox 5, Twins 10: Service Time Strikes

In a 60-game season — especially one where your playoff chances grew with the expanded playoffs — the White Sox have yet again made a crucial mistake. We all watched Summer Camp, and while Nick Madrigal didn’t wow anyone with Luis Robert like highlights, he showed he was the best second baseman in the organization.

Problem is, the White Sox left him off of the Opening Day 30-man roster because according to White Sox General Manager Rick Hahn, Leury Garcia‘s, “timing is better right now.”

“We really want to make this decision over what was best for the club overall, as well as consideration for Nicky’s long-term development,” Hahn said. “It came down to, in the end, we felt the lineup was stronger and overall we were going to be more productive with Leury at second base providing us that switch-hitting presence in the lineup. Currently, Leury seems, his timing, his readiness, seems to be a little ahead of where Nicky was over the last couple weeks.

“I know the overall numbers for the Cactus League, going back to Glendale, and the three (exhibition) games here aren’t extremely impressive for Nicky, but he certainly much more looked the part over the last three weeks. To his credit, he came in ready to compete, and we still think the world of him and believe he’s going to help us at some point over the summer.”


Excuse my french, but I’m tired of being lied to. As I said before, we all watched the same Summer Camp, and I find it highly insulting that a major-league staff thought Leury Garcia was the better option at second base to open the season. I know that the team can’t come out and say that they’re holding Madrigal down due to service time manipulation, but don’t patronize your fan base with wildly fictitious excuses.

In the top of the first, Leury Garcia made two boneheaded plays at second base that cost the White Sox runs, and inflated Lucas Giolito‘s pitch count far more than it should have been.

Now don’t get me wrong, Leury wasn’t the reason the White Sox lost, but him being at second base certainly hurt the team, and hurt them early on Friday night.

The shining star for the Southsiders on Friday night was Yoan Moncada, just a week removed from COVID-19 protocols, he went 3-5 with a three-run home run, a double and a single.

Lucas Giolito wasn’t sharp on Friday night. He didn’t trust or utilize his changeup nearly enough as he did in 2019. Ultimately for Giolito, Yoan Moncada saved him with a monster three-run homer in the bottom of the second helped erase the early Sox deficit and made his start seem like the least of the concerns in Chicago.

Here’s the thing, the concerns yet again go beyond the diamond. It’s win time, and the onus is on the front office to put the best nine on the diamond every day. Nicky Delmonico said it well, “We’ve been getting our ass kicked for three years,” Delmonico said. “I think we’re hungry. I think the fans are feeling the same way too. We want to return the damage that has been given to us. I think that makes us dangerous.”

The players want it, and they want it as bad as the fans. But the front office has to prove that they want it more than they want to save money in 2027. It’s time, you owe us, do what’s right.

Here’s to hoping the front office matches the energy of everyone else involved before it’s too late.

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