Cubs 2, Royals 13: Chatwood Shelled as the Offense goes Silent

The Cubs winning streak ran face-first into a brick wall (also known as the Royals offense). Cubs starting pitcher Tyler Chatwood was hit hard and the offense vanished. Oh and Craig Kimbrel gave up another run. There was a lot not to love about this game, but they can’t win them all, even when they are among the hottest sports teams on the planet. When you have your hottest start since that year they did a thing in 2016, you can afford a clunker every once in a while.

The Good

In a game without much going the Cubs way, I picked Royals starter, Brad Keller. Against the Cubs, he made his 2020 season debut and was on his game. He pitched five shutout innings, allowing only three hits while striking out seven and walking two. No question he looked impressive, but once things got away from Chatwood, it was hard not to feel like the wind was long gone from the Cubs sails by the time the twenty-seven minute bottom of the third ended.

The Bad

I’ll admit that I am biased, but I feel that Cubs fans are privileged to have the best home TV and radio broadcast teams in the business day in and day out. This game was picked up by FS1, and let me tell you, the coverage was just not up to the standards I have grown used to. Perhaps the most egregiously “bad” element of the broadcast was the mid-1990’s quality CGI fans. Eesh. I’ve seen better graphics on PS1 games.  

The Ugly

Tyler Chatwood has been so good for the Cubs through his first two starts, but this game is likely one he’d like to forget. The line was unquestionably ugly:

Two and a third innings pitched. Eleven hits allowed. Eight runs allowed (all earned). He did strike out four. Perhaps the most significant is that one could look at the eight runs allowed and assume it was an “Old Chatwood” type of night, but he actually didn’t walk anyone. He just simply didn’t miss many bats. Based on how Chatwood pitched out of the ‘pen last season combined with his hot start, it’s reasonable to chalk this one up as an outlier and just look ahead to his next start to right the ship. 

What’s Next 

The great thing about baseball is that tomorrow is a brand new day. Rookie manager David Ross has already shown an ability to get his guys ready to wipe the slate and start fresh. The Cubs face a three-game series against their longtime rival, the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. For the Cardinals, this Friday night will be their first game in over a week, their last game loss to the Twins all the way back on July 29. With some of their players out with positive COVID tests, will the Cardinals show the rust of their time off, or will they come out of the gate firing on all cylinders like the Marlins have? 

Most importantly, will the Cubs get another winning streak started? Jon Lester takes the mound on Marquee Network at 7:15 CT. Make sure to follow The Dugout–Northside for news, notes, and live conversation during games. Also, be sure to check out the Northside Podcast. We will be talking Cubs/Cardinals tomorrow morning. Look for it go live at 12:00 pm CT.

Featured Photo: John Durr / Getty Images

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