White Sox Reddit Rundown – Two Weeks Down

We’re a little beyond two weeks into the season but with the shortened schedule, we’re already over one fifth to the finish line. In typical fashion for White Sox fans, emotions have been all over the board. The 1-4 start led to some apocalyptic takes, but as soon as South Side fans decided it was time to lower expectations, the team (or rather the offense) went on a tear to win six in a row and put the good guys in second place behind the Twins for the American League Central lead.

Just when sentiment returned to sky-high levels, the team dropped two of three to Cleveland to fall to .500 and fourth in the division. Looking forward, we have a chance to finish off the Tigers tonight with a series win and move above .500 before St. Louis comes to town on Friday following their Covid-19 postponement.

As usual, we’re gauging the pulse of the front page of the Pale Hose internet to compile some of the best Reddit posts since the opening day edition of this bi-weekly series.

Keep It 100

By now we’re all familiar with the last vestiges of pre-pandemic normalcy, aka the cardboard cutouts scattered throughout the ballpark stands to simulate fans for the players and broadcasts. Now, become familiar with superfan Paul Garrett – whether you like it or not. Originally reported on by Chuck Garfien, Garrett bought an army of 100 identical avatars at $50 a pop to visually heckle opposing players as they return to their dugout.

Despite the proceeds going to White Sox Charities, Garrett still faced some vitriol from fans who thought dropping $5K on something so trivial was egotistical and prevented other fans from the meaningful experience of…….having a cardboard cutout of themselves at the game.

The Madrigal Effect

Based solely on upvotes, Nick Madrigal‘s debut was THE story of the past two weeks and easily the most popular topic on White Sox Reddit. After a starting his career 0-for-8 at the plate across two games, “The On Base God” hit the ground running in his third contest with a 4-for-5 night.

While the rook is still finding his footing at the MLB level and is currently on the mend from a shoulder injury, White Sox Reddit was sure to note his contributions beyond the box score as the Sox are undefeated with him in the lineup. While his injury ruined our hopes of a 56-4 season, I’m sure that we can all agree that a 25-0 September isn’t out of the question once he returns at the end of August.

Put a Lid on It

On July 23rd, Lids released its top-selling hat by state with some surprising results. Not only did the Sox beat out the Cubs for the top-selling cap in Illinois, but they also were to top-selling cap in Mississippi and Idaho. There could be many reasons for this ranging from most Illinoisans having already purchased their Cubs gear in 2016 to the widespread cultural significance of the White Sox cap dating back to LA G-Funk era rappers.

Regardless, it’s good to know that like Huck Finn, the White Sox cap traveled down the Mississippi and all the way west to the potato state. Someone, please show Jerry Reinsdorf this infographic next time he talks about his team’s finances.

No Shorts, No Losses

Last Sunday’s game marked the 24th anniversary of quite possibly the worst fashion statement in MLB history: The infamous 1976 Shorts uni’s. While Bill Veeck deserves his place the baseball Hall of Fame for his innovative marketing techniques (including league standards like putting players’ names on the back of jerseys and the “exploding scoreboard”), he had his share of promotional misses.

These are obviously painful in the eyes of fans, but they had to be more painful on the hindquarters of players trying to slide safely into a base. That said, one can only wistfully wonder how Chris Sale would’ve reacted to having to pitch in hot pants. Despite this particular miss, the story of Bill Veeck is a fascinating one, full of wrestling power away from the MLB via threatening lawsuits, creating a new level of transparency in the game via tell-all novels, and constantly pushing the envelope. This writer thinks today’s owner should take note.

A Beautiful Scorecard Regardless of Record

No jokes here, but just wanted to enlighten everyone on the work of Carl Skanberg. This South Side superfan creates amazing works of in the form of an artistic scorecard following each contest. Follow him on Twitter or IG to catch some feels after each game, regardless of the outcome.

Southpaw Doppelganger

I’ll conclude with the White Sox fan that threw animal cruelty laws to the wind by dying his dog green in honor of the White Sox mascot Southpaw. The dog’s face says “Why did you do this to me?”, but I’m sure his owner is thinking “Totally worth it”.

That’s it for this edition of White Sox Reddit rundown, check back in a couple weeks as I again join our fellow South Siders by compiling the funniest, most enlightening, and weirdest posts while talking about the greatest team in baseball.

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