The Southside Show – November 13, 2020: TLR Debacle, Katz Hiring, and Abreu MVP

Ian Eskridge and Patrick Flowers discuss a whirlwind week in White Sox news that began with the Tony La Russa DUI news and ended with Jose Abreu becoming the first White Sox player to win the American League MVP since Frank Thomas 26 years ago.

Full Show Notes:

  • Jose Abreu wins the AL MVP.
  • White Sox hire Ethan Katz as their new pitching coach.
  • Tony La Russa, Hall of Fame drunk-driver person.
  • Potential free-agent outlook after the qualifying offer deadline.

You can listen to the latest episode in the player below or anywhere you consume podcasts!

You can listen to the this week’s episode in the player below, or just about anywhere you consume podcasts!

Featured Photo: Eric Risberg – AP

7 thoughts on “The Southside Show – November 13, 2020: TLR Debacle, Katz Hiring, and Abreu MVP

  1. Tony La Russa brings way too much baggage to this position for this young team to be successful you’ve got a cut bait right now let him go and focus on someone else


  2. It’s unfortunate but Tony La Russa Hass to be cut loose is bringing too much baggage in with the baggage comes focus on the head coach and not on the young team the press will be all over this taking away the focus and energy from the young guys on the team and it’s not fair you got a let them go now


  3. Yes it’s wrong with the DUI. But lets be a little compassionate. Now if he shows up drinking or drunk before or during a game thats a different circumstance. Almost everyone has some black sheep in their closets. Lets see what happens in court. Make judgement then. Give him a second chance. I am sure he is not porud of what happen.


    1. He had a second chance, Danny. He promised a courtroom in 2007 that he would never drive drunk again. He’s a habitual offender obviously lacking remorse, evident by his belligerent and argumentative attitude with the police.


  4. Yep Patrick flowers is right he had a second chance in 2007 and he blew it he said very succinctly I learned my lesson I will never do this again and what does he do he gets back in the car drunk and Arizona drives into a curb it’s too much baggage let him go He’s going to steal all the press from the kids and it’s wrong it’s just wrong

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