White Sox to take on Yankees in ’21 Field of Dreams Game

Planning for the 2021 season is in full swing as Major League Baseball and the major television networks are ironing out their schedules to show off the big games of the year. One being: the MLB at the Field of Dreams game.

This game will be held in Dyersville, Iowa between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees on Thursday, August 12, 2021, and will air on FOX.

The game was first announced back in August 2019 and was set to be played on August 13 the following year. It was supposed to feature the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees.

To fit the teams, personnel, and fans, Major League Baseball constructed an 8,000-seat stadium adjacent to the “Field of Dreams” site. This construction started shortly after the announcement and continued through the pandemic.

Despite the 2020 season being in limbo for much of the summer, MLB kept the Field of Dreams game on the schedule even after the start of the season. Except there was one change in the matchup. Instead of the White Sox/Yankees, the Sox were instead supposed to play the St. Louis Cardinals. After major COVID-19 concerns kept the Cards from playing in early August and fans not being allowed in games yet, MLB canceled the game. This highly anticipated game would now be pushed back to 2021.

MLB at Field of Dreams will mark the first Major League game ever held in the State of Iowa. For more details such as tickets, stay tuned to MLB.com.


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