White Sox Non-Tender Deadline Preview

With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us this week, the next phase of the 2020-21 MLB offseason is the December 2 non-tender deadline this Wednesday. The non-tender deadline is the last day for teams to either reach an agreement with an arbitration-eligible player on a new contract, or submit an arbitration figure that will be used in a hearing conducted by a third-party later this winter.

The White Sox have a total of seven players that fall into this category, with a couple facing potential non-tenders this week.

The idea of this period is for teams to have the opportunity to shave salary from their books for the upcoming season when that salary outweighs the value of the player.

In an unprecedented winter such as this one, teams across the league are looking to cut costs where they can, and for that reason this week’s non-tender deadline might be busier than we’ve seen in recent years.

Here’s a preview of the White Sox and their seven arbitration-eligible players.

White Sox Arbitration-Eligible Players

In the table below you’ll find the arbitration-eligible players along with their non-prorated 2020 salary figures, and MLB Trade Rumors’ three-tiered 2021 arbitration projections. If you’re not familiar with their three-tiered projection system for this year, here’s how it works:

  • Method 1: Applies model directly with actual statistics from this 60-game season
  • Method 2: Extrapolates all counting stats to would-be 162-game totals.  One home run becomes 2.7 home runs.
  • Method 3: For non-first-time eligibles, finds the raise they’d get in a 162 game season, then gives them 37% of that raise
PLAYER2020 SalaryM1 ProjectionM2 ProjectionM3 Projection
Engel, Adam$588K$1.0MM$1.4MM$1.0MM
Fry, Jace$590K$800K$1.0MM$800K
Giolito, Lucas$627K$2.5MM$5.3MM$2.5MM
Lopez, Reynaldo$605K$1.7MM$2.2MM$1.7MM
Marshall, Evan$1.10MM$1.3MM$1.9MM$1.4MM
Mazara, Nomar$5.60MM$5.6MM$5.9MM$5.7MM
Rodon, Carlos$4.45MM$4.5MM$4.5MM$4.5MM
2021 Projections courtesy of MLB Trade Rumors

Non-Tender Candidates

Nomar Mazara (RF)

You win some, you lose some, right? The White Sox flipped Steele Walker to the Rangers in exchange for Mazara in the hope that he could finally fully tap into his full potential that made him a prized prospect in Texas a few years back, but it failed miserably.

Mazara made $5.6MM in 2020 and posted a wRC+ of 68, so I think it’s safe to say that he’ll be available to any club interested in trying their hand at unlocking whatever potential he may have at this point.

Photo: Chicago Sun-Times

Carlos Rodon (LHP)

Unlike Mazara, the White Sox didn’t buy-low on Rodon, they spent the third overall selection in the 2014 MLB Draft on him, only to see him flame out as a massive draft bust.

Rodon has pitched in 11 games for the White Sox since the conclusion of the 2018 season and while his career has been largely marred by injuries, there’s been no shortage of inconsistency and underperformance when he was able to stay on the field.

Like so many White Sox picks before him, Rodon will go down as another failed first-rounder and I’d be surprised if he’s tendered a contract.

Reynaldo Lopez (RHP)

Reynaldo Lopez has been a confounding case of inconsistency and unreached potential during his time with the White Sox, and after being demoted mid-season and left off the playoff roster, it’s possible that Lopez has pitched his last game in a White Sox uniform.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the White Sox take one more swing at Lopez with new pitching coach Ethan Katz in the mix — if Lopez ends up with the low end, $1.7MM projection from MLB Trade Rumors.

Featured Image: USA TODAY Sports


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