Report: Padres are “Deep” in Talks to Acquire Cubs’ Darvish

After last night’s blockbuster trade, in which the Padres acquired Blake Snell for a quartet of intriguing players, I considered the Darvish-to-San-Diego rumors as dead.

Apparently, my consideration couldn’t be further from the truth.

Reports are now surfacing that the Padres are in “deep” talks with the Cubs to acquire Darvish, signaling that they are all-in on competing for a World Series over the next three-plus years. Darvish, like Snell, is under control through the 2023 season — although his salary over that time is $62 million compared to Snell’s $39 million. Along with two studs at the top of their rotation? Breakout star Dinelson Limet, youngster Chris Paddack, and savvy vet Zach Davies — to say nothing of top prospect Mackenzie Gore, Mike Clevinger (who’ll be back in 2022), and solid prospect Ryan Weathers.

San Diego has an impossibly envious core of young, talented position players, a solid rotation, and impressive prospect depth. Adding Snell, and now perhaps Darvish, would be a ridiculous one-two punch at the top of their rotation. They are set-up to compete for years and have a decision-maker in A.J. Preller who is aggressively chasing a championship.

This trade sounds like a very real thing, now, and my suggested proposal last week — an objective look at a trade compliments of Baseball Trade Values — would still be achievable even after the package sent to Tampa. Picking up Snell’s (relative bargain) salary and Darvish’s might be too much for San Diego, however, so perhaps they attempt to attach Wil Myers — and significant prospect capital –the Cubs way for a bit of a salary dump.

Myers is near the end of a backloaded contract, and is due $20 million in each of the next two seasons (with a club option at $20 million in 2023). This obviously wouldn’t provide the Cubs with much — if any — of salary relief, which is my understanding of why Darvish would be traded in the first place. To that end, even if Myers has turned a corner in his career and would be a natural answer to the Cubs’ question in left field, the idea of him in a return package for Darvish would be puzzling.

The trio of Weathers, Adrian Morejon, and Reggie Lawson, as I proposed, is a fair ‘market’ value for Darvish — and, judging from the Snell package, is likely in the neighborhood of what the Cubs are looking at today. A package including Myers should command more, perhaps the likes of Paddack-plus; I guess we’ll see how this shakes out if the trade is indeed consummated.

All of this news is wild, and frankly, disheartening. The Cubs are clearly willing to sell off pieces to save money while the Padres are all-in on winning — both now and in the near-future. With reports also surfacing they are the favorites for Ha-Seong Kim, they’re performing admirably in an offseason where so many teams are looking to shed payroll.

Good time for Pads fans. Sucks to be a Cubs fan. More to follow if/when a deal occurs.

Featured Photo: Armando L. Sanchez, Chicago Tribune



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