Get over yourself, it’s time to embrace what Tim Anderson said

Friday afternoon, Tim Anderson took some time after the Chicago White Sox intrasquad game to speak with 670 The Score’s Danny Parkins from the Parkins & Spiegel Show. They discussed everything from fatherhood, Tony La Russa, and the White Sox as a whole. It concluded with Anderson dropping an F-Bomb and saying the White Sox are the best in the American League.

While bringing on Tony La Russa as manager was initially, and to some extent still is, a big worry, for those in and around the White Sox, TA expressed none. When Parkins brought it up, Anderson stressed how he was never worried and that nothing was going to change with La Russa as manager. He even said, “He’s going to let me bat flip.”

La Russa might last have managed in the MLB over nine years ago but nothing can be known on how something will work until it’s put to the test. So far, so good. And for those following the team, many thought La Russa and Anderson would be the ones butting heads. That has not been the case and Anderson has spoken highly about him since connecting.

Toward the end of the conversation, Parkins and Anderson discussed what some of the season’s expectations are for both Anderson and the team. The conversation quickly went from TA hitting leadoff to the White Sox being the best in the American League.

Anderson did not initially say they were the best but he spoke on how they have a chance to beat a lot of “people” this season. Parkins wasn’t satisfied and pushed a little harder.

Tim, don’t become a politician on me. You’re the most honest athlete in the Chicago. Who cares if they blog about it, podcast about it, tweet about it…who cares man. Sat what you feel. You’re best team in the American League.

Danny Parkins from Parkins & Spiegal

Tim Anderson jumped back in and said, “F*** it, we’re the best team in the American League.”

He quickly apologized for swearing.

After, people had a lot to say (as they always do). Some were all in on TA’s comment, some said it’s too soon for it, and some felt Anderson is talking too much.

It is time to fully embrace these types of comments from Tim Anderson and hopefully from more White Sox players. We heard what White Sox ace Lucas Giolito said last week.

This team has spent the time in the mud. These players have had their personal struggles and played on losing teams. They have worked to make those strides to have these types of conversations.

Throughout the whole conversation, Tim Anderson stressed the work he has put in as well as his teammates. And it’s shown in the team’s record and in Anderson’s stat over the years. TA’s drive and work ethic allowed him to become a batting champ and much-improved shortstop.

If you are rooting for a team, saying you’re the best should be expected. The White Sox are contenders again this year. They went out made some moves and look to bring the same and increased energy levels to 2021 as we saw in 2020. Why would any player want to downplay their excitement for an upcoming season?

It’s time to embrace what Tim Anderson said.

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