White Sox MLB Draft Preview: 1.0

The 2021 MLB Draft will begin on Sunday, July 11, and end on Tuesday, July 12 in Atlanta, Georgia as part of the 2021 MLB All-Star Game. This will be the first time that Major League Baseball has tied the draft into the annual mid-summer classic, in an attempt to market the draft as more of a fan spectacle like the NFL and NBA drafts have been for years now. 

After making their first Postseason appearance since 2008 last fall, the White Sox will pick at No. 22 in the first round on Sunday, July 11. The twenty-second selection is the farthest back the White Sox have been slotted since they picked “toolsy” LSU outfielder, Jared Mitchell with the twenty-third pick in 2009. Mike Trout went two picks later to the Angels and is now considered one of the greatest baseball players of all-time, and Mitchell never appeared in a major league ballgame. 

No, I’m not still bitter about that one. Ok, maybe just a little bit, but I digress. 

In this story, we will take a brief look at some potential targets for the White Sox in July, and touch on some draft philosophy things for a team now firmly in contention mode for the foreseeable future. But first, a quick look at the installments to this series, which is a Patreon exclusive on White Sox Daily. 

  • White Sox Draft Preview: 1.0 — March (Week 3)
  • White Sox Draft Preview: 2.0 — April (Week 3)
  • White Sox Draft Preview: 3.0 — May (Week 2)
  • White Sox Draft Preview: 4.0 — June (Week 1)
  • White Sox Mock Draft: 1.0 — June (Week 2)
  • White Sox Mock Draft: 2.0 — June (Week 4)
  • White Sox Mock Draft: 3.0 — July (Week 1)

In addition to the above exclusive White Sox MLB Draft coverage, you will also find player profiles unlocked and available at whitesoxdaily.com beginning sometime in May.

Today I’m going to focus on a few first-round targets, and expand things as we move into later installments.

This story is part of the White Sox Daily + offerings on Patreon, exclusive to White Sox Daily Patreon subscribers. To continue reading this story, and unlock access to reader mailbags, and bonus columns and podcast episodes, become a Patron today for just $3 by clicking the graphic below!

Featured Photo: Wake Forest Athletics

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