Welcome to The Dugout!

For the staff at Dugout Media Group baseball isn’t merely a hobby or an outlet; it’s a fundamental aspect of life. Our founders and contributors are die-hard fans, sure, yet we’ve each come to appreciate the beauty of baseball through various lenses. Baseball trainers, former college players, and current college students pursuing journalism as a career all comprise our staff. Like you, our individual stories have led to our love for baseball — and we’re honored to share that passion with our readers.

Young and old, the cynical and the optimistic, objective and subjective views all have a home here. We blend a variety of baseball experiences and writing styles that share one fundamental truth: quality, thoughtful, engaging baseball content.

Here you will find extensive Cubs and White Sox coverage, and our writers will also explore the world of baseball beyond Chicago.

We are baseball enthusiasts for baseball enthusiasts, and we are grateful for your interest in our content.

Contact us: dugoutmediagroup@gmail.com

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